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The Breathing Deeply Meditation Community

A Clear, Personalized Approach To Meditation

To those seeking authentic teachings for personal transformation, welcome. We are a global, online community of supportive, like-minded individuals. We value kindness, transparency, respect, and dignity. We invite you to join us in what we’ve created, a space where you can feel free to explore your meditation practice in service of yourself, your community, and the universe.

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How is your meditation practice serving you?

Have you attempted meditation, going from one type of practice to the next, struggling to make progress? Perhaps you’ve been meditating for years by yourself and you’re unsure of how to deepen your practice? Or maybe you’ve yet to find a teacher who is real and grounded, someone who speaks directly to you instead of to the masses? If so, we see you, we hear you, and we are here to help.

Go Beyond Self-Care
Embrace Self-Discovery

Your meditation practice can be ever-evolving, rewarding, and unique to you. As a member of the Breathing Deeply Meditation Community we work with you as an individual. You will have direct access to Founder Brandt Passalacqua who will work with you and make specific recommendations as to how you can deepen your practice. Brandt is known for his direct style of teaching and ability to present complex information clearly and concisely.

Headteacher Brandt Passalacqua has been described by community members as “a wealth of knowledge,” who “talks to you like a real person” and is “easy to understand.” Brandt speaks in modern language and has a way of making even the most difficult concepts easy to understand. He welcomes questions and has a genuine interest in your personal evolution. Register now to meet Brandt and begin practicing with us.

Our program covers a broad range of information within a clear structure, making it easy to navigate. There is a practice for everyone and our program is designed to help identify what works for each individual member. The practices themselves are easy to drop into and integrate into your daily life. Within the container of our community, members can discuss freely what they are experiencing, ask questions, and explore their practices in new ways.

“I didn't realize how important [the community] would be. It has been critical. It has made the difference. Because I have tried… to meditate and it was just very all over the place and I realized I was doing it in a vacuum… and not having feedback and not having people to talk to.” – Heidi Brown, community member

Each week you can look forward to a live question and answer session conducted by Brandt via Zoom. Here you can connect face-to-face with your fellow community members. Whether you need help, clarification, or want to celebrate a breakthrough, your community is here for you. Outside of those sessions, members have access to the following benefits:

  • Online meditation course including video instructions and audio meditations
  • Access to the Breathing Deeply online community via our Mighty Networks portal. (Think of it as a meditation-specific social media platform.) 
  • Four 2.5 hour live, virtual meditation retreats per year. (Our next retreat is in February!)
  • 24/7-access to recordings of all Q&A sessions, meditations, and retreats 
  • Eligibility for Meditation Mentor Certification upon completion of the Personal Meditation Practice Course. (Click here for more information*)

[The best way to experience anything is to do it/You know the real deal when you see it] and, with that in mind, we’d like to invite you to join our community for one month — on us. 


Experience the community, the consistency, and the safety of a container in which to deepen your practice. If you should decide to stay on, you can do so at a monthly rate of $29.95 or an annual rate of $299.50.

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How Do I Become a Meditation Mentor?

If, after being enrolled in our meditation community for six months, you feel called to guide others on their personal path, we invite you to apply to our Meditation Mentor Certification Program. While we recognize that being a meditation mentor is not for everyone, we designed this course in two parts so that those who wish to pursue this path can easily continue on their journey.

It all starts with the Breathing Deeply Meditation Program.


No matter where your meditation path takes you, we look forward to meeting you soon.